OSHC outside school hours care


Outside school Hours Care (OSHC) provides before and after school care and vacation care for chihldren currently enrolled and commenced attendance at Kenmore South State School. Our service is run by the KSSS Parents & Citizen's Association, not an independent organisation and is facilitiated by the Coordinator of the service.


This is a non-profit activity of the Kenmore South State School P&C providing before school, after school and vacataion care to the school community. The program operates on school days from 6.30a. to 9.00am and 3.00pm to 6.00pm. During school hoidays and pupil free days, the program operates from 6.30am to 6.00pm.

The outside school hours care (OSHC) program aims to provide: . quality aged appropriate childcare . a safe, caring and friendly environment . a range of fun indoor and outdoor activities . a nutritious menu for breakfast (served from 7am to 750am each day) and afternoon tea



Activities and play are supervised by experienced and responsible caregivers with a maximum ratio of one (1) adult to fifteen (15) children. This complies with the national standards for outside school hours care. All staff are blue cardholders and are identifiable by their uniform.


The custom built OSHC facility and the school grounds are available for supervised use by children in the OSHC program.


Please refer to the Fee Policy for details for permanent bookings, casual bookings and vacation care. Government childcare benefit is available to all eligible families. For further information, contact your local family assistance office.

Payment Terms

Payment terms as per the Fee Policy are 7 days. Statements are issued via email every fortnight with the balances on account. All fees are due and payable within 7 days unless an alternate agreement has been approved with P&C administration. If you wish to discuss your account, please contact the OHSC Accounts Administration Officer directly via email Accounts


Any family wishing to use the program, whether on a full-time, part-time or casual basis should email enrolments.oshc@ksss-pnc.org.au to organise an enrolment link. The program reserves the right to exclude any child whose behaviour is unacceptable.



All bookings, cancellations and messages can made via email or phone contact details, subject to the policy guidelines in the Enrolment Form. A mobile phone is also taken on all excursions.

Children's Responsibilities

Normal school time behaviour is expected at all OSHC programs. This includes RESPECT for self, RESPECT for others and RESPECT for property. The school code of conduct will be enforced.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents, or a nominated adult, must be responsible for collecting children from the OSHC Room by 6.00 p.m. A penalty will be incurred for lateness, as advised in the Fee policy. It is essential for parents to report to a staff member when collecting children, and to sign them out using KIOSK. No child can be accepted for care unless a CURRENT enrolment form, with relevant emergency contact information, is in the possession of staff. Please notify staff of any changes to information. Parent involvement in the service is always welcome.

Vacation Care

A vacation care program operates during the school holidays and on pupil free days from 6.30am to 6.00pm. It is available to all children who are currently enrolled at KSSS. A timetable of activities and costs is available prior to each holiday block.

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